What does the studio rate include?
Everything. The engineer's fee, use of instruments and a disc of mixes.

How long does recording take?
It's hard to say as it really varies. Obviousy, the more rehearsed you are, the better. It's rare for anyone to be waiting on us. We work very fast and we know this space extremely well. Overdubs can take anywhere from 1 to 1,000 days depending on how many there are and how picky you get. For quality mixing, budget approximately two hours per song at least. A well rehearsed songwriter can track hours of live stuff, mix it all the same day and have a good live demo. It really depends what you're looking for. In general, the more time you spend, the better recording you will have.

Can we all play live in the studio?
Yes, We can isolate the drums, guitars and bass or run them live in the same room.

Can you get other musicians to play on my stuff?
Yes, I'm sitting near a string player right now. We have #'s of many local players who are great in the studio. Drummers, horn players, bass players, keyboardists, guitarists, string players, vocals (male and female), even a French horn!

Do you do mastering?
Yes. We've mastered many of the recordings found on this site and more.

Do you have a demo CD of tracks recorded?
Yes. You can have a listen to some things we've recorded here in the 'recordings' section or email gary@settingsun.cc and we'll send you a disc.

How will my recordings be stored?
Since we’re using Pro Tools and a Mac we recommend you bring your own Mac formatted FireWire drive. This will speed up backup time. Sessions can be backed up to CD-R or DVD-R but it takes longer. We will provide a hard drive to work off of, but cannot be responsible for loss of any data. I do back everything up after every session though. I just don't want to be responsible for any data loss. Think of the hard drive like your tape or reels. they are yours, you own them.

Do you do soundtrack and voiceovers work for for tv/film or radio spots?
Yes. We've done a bunch of this work already. We'd love to see what you've got in production.

Can you transfer vinyl/cassette/reels/etc. to digital format?

My question isn't answered.
Just email or call and we'll be happy to talk!